To All Kirkland and Catterall Memorial Hall Users

The trustees of  Kirkland and Catterall Memorial Hall at Churchtown are raising funds to have a defibrillator sited at the Hall.  We are asking whether your group would be willing to donate towards this.  Currently the nearest defibrillators that we are aware of are at Collinsons and in the village of Churchtown, and these are too far away to be useful in the event of a cardiac arrest at the Hall.

Defibrillators cost about £800 + VAT and the cabinet to ensure accessibility 24/7 £385 + VAT.

The trustees of the Hall are appealing to all users to contribute. Once installed we would also like to run some training sessions to ensure that everyone knows what to do with a defibrillator.

Kirkland WI had a demonstration of how to use a defibrillator last year and it was very straight forward. Please send any donations as cheques made payable to Kirkland and Catterall Memorial Hall to the above address; alternatively, if you usually pay through the bank when you rent the Hall, you could donate that way too, but please reference it as defibrillator.

Dorothy Walmsley


12 Old Lancaster Road, Catterall, Preston, PR3 0HN